Fraser Valley Roomba Vacuum Repair


You can now get your Roomba Vacuum repaired locally.

Have you have had your Roomba give you the 9 beep error or the "CIRCLE DANCE".

Get it repaired locally for $100.
Also, replace your battery with a new one and give your Roomba a new lease on life for $100.

iPad LCD Repair without screen replacement

A client brought me an iPad 2 where the screen wasn't broken but the LCD had lines and the colours were reversed. I assumed it was a connection issue after it had been dropped. In order to repair it, the screen had to be removed without breaking it. Here is how it gets done...

iPhone Repair, Apple or Not

I get many many calls from customers looking to get their iPhones repaired who are shopping around for the best price in town.

Well, the best price in town could be Apple.

Here is why you want me to fix your phone or why you want Apple to do it.

On an iPhone 6S, an iPhone 7, an iPhone 6 plus, an iPhone 6S plus or an iPhone 7 plus, apple is cheaper... hands down. As long as it is only a screen repair and you don't have water damage or any other reason for them to push you to the "SCREEN AND ADDITIONAL DAMAGE" option, you are better off with them.

An other advantage with Apple, you'll retain your warranty if you have any left. I void warranties!!!

Now, to the convenience factor (:

- I have the parts on hand and you don't need a "GENIUS BAR" appointment...
- You don't need to drive to Gilford Mall in Surrey or Coquitlam Center.
- I do all my repairs right before your eyes, not in the back of a store where you have no clue what is going on with your pho…

iPad Mini Screen Repair - Abbotsford iPad Repair

Latest iPad Mini screen repair

iPad Air screen replacement

Just finished another iPad Air screen replacement.

iPhone 6 Repair

Since the iPhone 6 release in September 2014, their user base has continued to grow steadily. All Canadians stuck in their iPhone 4 - 3 year contract are finally off the hook and able to purchased the newer, faster, slicker and bigger phone. The newer 6 and 6 plus are just as vulnerable to breakage as their older counterpart. I personally find them the most slippery of all iPhones and for my first time,  I started using a case.

So if your iPhone decides to fly out of your hand or you inadvertently sit on it, since your only pocket that's big enough is your back pocket, please call text or email Fraser Valley iPhone Repair.

We continue to use original parts and perform our repairs on front of you.

For the most professional service in the Fraser Valley, call us.

Buyers Guide to Used iPhones and iPads

There has been an increase in the number of support calls I receive from people purchasing second hand iPhones and iPads who find themselves unable to use their new devices.

Apple's iCloud Activation System is requesting the password from the previous owner in order to activate the device and the new owner is completely unaware of this information and unable to get help from the seller.

To give you a bit of background on the new security measures that were put in place by device makers like Apple and associations like the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) in Canada. These new measures help ensure that devices that are lost or stolen can find their way back to their original owner or become unusable by the party who finds the lost device. 
In the case of the Apple devices like the iPhones and iPads, it is now easy to protect your device by simply turning on the "Find My iPhone" setting under the iCloud setting panel. 
The Canadian Wireless Telecommun…